11 8 / 2014

Anonymous said: putting ice in your juice isn't weird...i put ice in MY orange juice! lydia is the one who's weird which is ironic because i am also named lydia

this ask just started an argument between me an lydia aboiut the pronunciation of ‘anon’ 

11 8 / 2014

Anonymous said: not sure if anyone said it but a drink for every Shaft head tilt

down ur entire stock of alcohol for that rebellion promo vid where the voice actresses do the shaft head tilt 

11 8 / 2014

Anonymous said: left center right center daaa naaaa naaaa naaaa DUNDUNDURRRDUN


this ask reminded me of the time my friend tried to use the command melody to make me attend senior prom

11 8 / 2014

Anonymous said: Followed for the PMMM, stayed for the everything.

explain yourself 

11 8 / 2014

Anonymous said: Is Kill la Kill ridiculously over the top like in the first episode all the way throughout? I'm trying to get into it, but I really don't like anime like that.

na, from what i’ve seen of it its a really mellow anime 

11 8 / 2014

Anonymous said: You drink?

yea i’m a regular at the bar

11 8 / 2014

Anonymous said: everyone knows you put the cereal in and then use the milk on top so that it starts softening the cereal, it's not soup the main content isn't the milk

no listen up the milk goes first so that you’re not thrown off by water (milk??) displacement like you are when you pour the milk into the cereal so you know how much milk you’re pouring in

ALSO pouring the milk first ensures that you have a layer of fresh crunchy cereal that hasn’t been made soggy from milk so with my method you can mix the fresh cereal into the bottom layer of milk as you please and there’s no rush to finish it all before it turns into soggy grossness

and i know what youre thinking “but how do you know how much milk to pour?? ? 11” admittedly yes at first it’ll be a ? ??? type situation but you learn more and more about yourself and your milk needs as you adapt to this new improvement in your life style it’s a journey of self exploration as well

frankly it’s genius innovation of the year award right here i’ll take my nobel prize thanks

10 8 / 2014

Anonymous said: drink whenever homura says madoka's name/madoka says homura's name

i am typing this from the grave

09 8 / 2014

Anonymous said: u guys are so cute honestly im dying its too adorable

megan/blanket/llama is th ecu te one shh keep it on the downlo w  but i kind of have a crush on her dont tell megan 

08 8 / 2014

Anonymous said: take a shot every time homura stares longingly at madoka

we’d die

04 8 / 2014

Anonymous said: ALL QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED ONCE YOU SEE *whispers sensually* "nudist beach~~"

ok i’ve heard people talkin about this nudist beach thing and all i can think of is ryuko suddenly finding herself at a nudist beach surrounded by all the nutcases shes met at this school 


04 8 / 2014

abyssalleviathan said: fun fact throughout the whole show everyone progressively becomes more naked which you would think would be ironic for a show based around super powered clothing

there should be a show about super powered oversized sweatshirts and the cozier you are the more powerful u are and if you have a mug of hot chocolate and fuzzy socks too you’re practically invincible except youre also so cozy that you don’t want to move you just kind of want to take a nap and i’m not sure where i’m going with this basically i’m kind of cold and want hot chocolate

04 8 / 2014

aint-nothing-but-a-pikachu-thang said: you'll understand by the time you finish watching the whole season...


04 8 / 2014

Anonymous said: don't want to sound rude but isn't it best to ask questions once you're finished with the show to avoid spoilers?


this guy’s clothes falling off

some grand plot point on which the whole story orbits

which will be revealed in some extreme and dramatic twist at the climax of the series

is this man actually her real father which she’ll find out upon learning that she too has the clothes repulsion gene

03 8 / 2014

Anonymous said: (Different anon here) Oh my god I love Steven Universe. Pearl will forever be my astral plane mom, the show makes me smile and laugh, I love the representation, I love the character dynamics, and I love the heart that the creators put into it. I'd love to hear what you think!

i fEEL U SON I’M ALL ABT THE REPRESENTATION IN THIS SHOW hella race representation and it’s the BOMB and the humor is similarly without edge  and everything’s light hearted and steven is a kind of awkward and the least interesting character but everyone’s supportive and encouraging of him and the animation and music is on point fantastic cartoon all around sending excellent messages to kids since 2013 u go rebecca sugar