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hey pmmm people I’m writin a post rebellion fic and i thought I’d leave an excerpt here:

Madoka stared down at the devil.  Homura spat blood from her mouth and glared up at her assailant.

"So," growled the demon, "are you going to kill me now?"

Madoka frowned.  Her gold eyes stared into Homura’s.  “You stole my memories, undid my wish, ignored my desires, and imprisoned me in this new world of yours.”  She looked around at the world that was falling apart.  The cosmos flickered in and out of view, the unrecognizable ground under them was dark and barren and stretched blankly in every direction to the distant horizon.  The sky alternated between brilliant galaxies and murky darkness filled with chaotic flashes of color.  Homura’s universe was never stable, and parts of Homura’s vast labyrinth frequently broke through the fragile cover of reality.  With the demon’s overthrow, the universe was in the process of destroying and reordering itself.  Again.  Madoka had a lot of work to do.

A tomato struck Homura’s face.  Madoka glanced over; the Clara dolls managed to find them.

Homura ignored the juice running down her face.  “If you’re going to kill me, act quick,” she taunted.  “Once everything is undone completely, it’ll be hard work to get it back.  More than even you can do.”

Madoka stared at the face she had known for a month and a half, twelve years, an eternity.  The way the juice ran down over Homura’s eyes reminded Madoka of the moments before her final wish, when she wiped the blood from Homura’s face after the battle with Walpurgisnacht.

"Are you even listening?!" the demon screeched, "End this! KILL ME!"

"No," Madoka whispered.  She spoke without thinking.  Madoka didn’t have a plan.  For the first time since she had been human, there was no infinity to exist in. No countless worlds and timelines to see at every moment for eternity.  Every future was completely blank to her, and every past.  For the first time since she had ascended, she was human again.

Madoka knew what she had to do.

"No," she repeated.  Homura was staring at her in shock. "No, I will not kill you, or unmake you, or destroy you.  You may not believe it, but there is hope for you, Homura-chan."

The demon struggled against the glowing pink arrow that had her chest pinned to the earth.  “NO! YOU’RE WRONG!  IF YOU DON’T DESTROY ME, YOU’LL REGRET IT.  I’LL UNDO THE UNIVERSE AGAIN!  YOU’LL FIGHT ME FOR ETERNITY, I WON’T GIVE IN UNTIL I’M DEAD!”

Madoka shook her head and looked out to the horizon.  “Once there was a girl who could not be saved, and despite this, her best friend never gave up trying to save her.  She fought through hell again and again to keep her promise.”  Madoka looked at Homura and smiled.  “I don’t care what you think.  I promise you, Homura-chan, no matter how long it takes, I will save you.”

The sky started shattering above them as Homura writhed under the arrow.  “NO!  YOU’RE WRONG!  I CANNOT BE SAVED!

Madoka’s smile didn’t falter.  “You need to chill the fuck out, Homura-chan.”

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i’m anime trash

madoka magica headcanon/fanfic

something i like to think would’ve happened if walpurgisnacht never appeared in Mitakihara

(its madohomu) (i’m trash)

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the real reason Ash started his pokemon journey

the real reason Ash started his pokemon journey

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a lot of people headcanon homura akemi as a homoromantic homosexual

u might say

homuhomu is a homohomo

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when in doubt, blame capitalism.  it’s probably at least part of your problem

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i spilled 30 cent ramen on my laptop on the first night i was back at school  it didn’t take me long to get back into the swing of college

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living in a dorm that allows pets is great until you have to be nice to someone you hate because you want to play with their hedgehog

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i guess i recorded an ice bucket challenge today after i got my wisdom teeth out ??

Holy fuxki shit

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something i actually enjoy about facebook is the ‘like’ feature.  on tumblr when i ‘like’ something it’s usually for reference so i can come back to it later but on facebook the feature is there solely to show support.  there’s no pressure of only liking things that are relevant to me and my interests.  i can like anything i want.  i can like everything.  dormmate just finished a biking trip across 8 states? Like.  Aunt making a status about her honeymoon?  Like.  Some random person from my old high school is posting pictures of sonic characters?  Like.  My bff gave someone a Sick Burn in a comment thread on the wall of someone i don’t know?  Like.  A college friend got ice cream in another country?  Like.  My brother used a picture of a rainbow that i took to make his coverphoto?  Like.  A girl i worked with 2 years ago made a cosplay page?  Motherfuckin like

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punching ur gf’s reflection because u need to free her from the mirrored prision

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Options for responding to unsolicited dick pics:

a.)  follow this advice

b.)  go to critiquemydickpic.tumblr.com, study the dos and don’ts of dick pics courtesy of everyone’s favorite dick pic analyst, and give the sender your commentary and a grade.  (Seeing as the person was inappropriate enough to send you an unsolicited dick pic, they will likely have sent you a terrible picture to boot.)

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  • *nicks skin while shaving in shower*
  • 1: SCREAMS
  • 1: im ok
  • *puts cut under the running water*
  • 1: S H R I E K S